Link Utilization Estimator

Different protocols can have an effect on the utilization of the links in your network. Since these leased lines probably represent the largest recurring cost factor in your WAN, it's a good idea to have an understanding of what sort of utilization you can expect based upon protocol. While the protocol overhead and size of your messages are the largest factors contributing to link utilization, there are other factors such as routing mechanisms and network management messages that also run over those links. Analyses can be difficult, but that's what keeps us network engineers employed, right. But here's a simple Estimator for determining how much utilization your data and protocol overhead contribute to your link utilization.

For a given application, you enter your average message size (by number of characters), the frequency of these messages (in messages per hour), then choose a given protocol from the list and indicate the speed of the link in bits per second. We'll take over from there. The estimator will return the link utilization and tell you how much of it is your messages versus how much of it is protocol overhead.

These formulae are only estimates and actual real-world events in your WAN may or may not resemble these theoretical calculations. Any results should be used at your own discretion.

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